Copper Coin of Indo Greek Ruler Eucratides

26 Oct 2020  Mon

Eucratides I also spell as Eukratides, was one of the most important kings of Greco-Bactrian. He was the last and most powerful king of Greco-Bactrian. He sat on the throne of Greco-Bactrian after overthrowing Euthydemus I in Bactria. The large part of Eucratides reign was spent in warfare against pretenders to the throne and neighbouring rulers. During the last year of his reign, he invaded and conquered Paropamisadae and Gandhara in northwest India. After his victory, when Eucratides I was returning home, he got assassinated; and his body was desecrated by his son Plato Epiphanes.

This copper square coin was issued by him during his reign in Eukratides I. The weight of this coin is around 4.95g. The obverse of this coin depicts a Helmeted bust of king facing right, Greek legend “BACILEOC MEGALOU EUKRATIDOU” around. The reverse of this coin depicts Dioskuroides on horseback, Kharosthi legend above and below.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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