Fight Covid-19 with Guernsey Post

26 Oct 2020  Mon

During these exceptional times of Pandemic of Covid-19, Guernsey Post has been helping the local community through a number of initiatives. One of the projects undertaken was inviting local school children across the Bailiwick to create a piece of artwork with the winning designs being chosen to feature on new stamps for the theme #Alderney Spirit.

50p stamp is based on the drawing of Grace Chapman which depicts the Corona Warriors with the map of the country on the background. The 68p stamp comes from Eli Maurice which depicts a family in a safety bubble.

Hollie Maurice’s drawing was selected for the 85p stamp with the drawing of two hands which signifies the lockdown period with family. Isla Cauvain’s drawing was selected for a 95p stamp which depicts an animal inside a rainbow signifying the safety. These stamps were designed by Designer: Mark Totty.

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