Philatelic Connection between Russia and Ethiopia

26 Oct 2020  Mon

Stamps are fascinating windows into the past. They help to discover the fascinating connections among people, places and events. Similarly, one such connection, the poet and playwright; Alexander Pushkin is shown on this Sierra Leone souvenir sheet issued in 2017.

The celebrated Russian poet and playwright Alexander Pushkin is claimed to descend from an Ethiopian ancestor on his mother’s side. The souvenir sheet was issued in the memory of the 180th memorial anniversary of Alexander Pushkin. The souvenir sheet depicts the duel scene between the Alexander Pushkin and his brother-in-law that led to Pushkin’s death in 29th January 1837.

The stamp attached with the souvenir sheet is denominated 40,000 Sierra Leonean leones which depicts a line drawing of the portrait of Pushkin. Although this issue was authorized by the postal administration of Sierra Leone the issue was not placed on sale in Sierra Leone and was only distributed to the new issue trade by Sierra Leone's philatelic agent.

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