Benin Stamp: Fight against Witchcraft

24 Oct 2020  Sat

From ancient times, witch hunt has existed in the whole globe. In Benin, suspected witches are identified and lynched.

It has been reported that at many instances women are lynched and burned on the pretext of witches. In many countries, this act is punishable but Saudi Arabia is the only country where it is punished by death.

Witch hunts cases have been reported by the UNHCR of the UNO as a massive violation of human rights. Generally, women and children have accused of such evil practices.

These victims are often considered burdens to the community, and as a result, are often driven out, starved to death, or killed violently, sometimes by their own families in acts of social cleansing.

It takes place because of poverty, epidemics, social crises and lack of education.

Therefore, Benin has issued a stamp against the evil practices of witchcraft against humans and in particular women.

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