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Lead Unit of Satavahana King Satakarni I

22 Oct 2020  Thu

Satakarni I was the third ruler of the Satavahana Empire. The Satavahana of the one of the empire that ruled the vast part of the Indian subcontinent from 2nd century BC till 2nd century CE. The term Satavahana is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Sapta-Vahana’ meaning ‘driven by seven’. According to Hindu mythology, ‘the chariot of the sun god is drawn by seven horses’. This would ratify the claim that the Satavahanas are originally associated with the legendary solar dynasty.

This lead unit that weighs around 17.9g was issued by Satavahana king Satakarni I during his rule. The obverse of this coin depicts ‘Humped Bull standing to right with, triangular headed standard in front of the bull (partly visible), with Brahmi legend ’Rano Siri Satakani(sa)’ around. The reverse of this coin depicts ‘Tree in railing in the centre with five branches, a srivatsa with a swastika to the left, a triangular headed standard like a nandipada to the right, and fish in a river below.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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