Wombat Day in Australia

22 Oct 2020  Thu

Celebrated on 22nd October, Wombat Day is an important day for Australians. Much like Christmas Day is to celebrate the birth of Jesus; on Wombat Day the Australians celebrate the birth of wombats.

Wombats are muscular marsupials that look like little bears. They are native to Australia and belong to the family Vombatidae. Wombats are the largest mammals that dig burrows. Most time they spend underground in their extensive burrows and go out in the night.

In 2005, the Grand Wombat Council October 22nd was chosen since the ancient Wombat Spring planting celebrations were traditionally held around this time of year. The first modern incarnation of Wombat Day was observed on October 22, 2005.

In 2013, the Perth mint issued a special coin with the denomination of 50 cents among the series, “Bush Babies II”. The reverse image of the baby wombat was designed by Perth Mint artist Elise Martinson. The creature is surrounded by frosted representations of Australian bush flowers. The likeness of an Australian insect is seen toward the upper right. Inscriptions found on the reverse include "Australian Wombat" and the Perth Mint’s ‘P’ mintmark.

Image Courtesy: coinsfromworld.com

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