An Interesting Stamp of Suriname

17 Oct 2020  Sat

Suriname’s 1949 27½ cents Women of Netherlands and Surinam airmail stamp is the highlight of the day and is a good buy for philately collectors.

Suriname is the smallest country in South America. Suriname gained its independence from the Netherlands on 25th November 1975. During the years leading up to and immediately after independence, about one-third of the population immigrated to the Netherlands. The stamps of Suriname are popular with collectors of the Netherlands and area and are also popular with topical collectors.

An interesting stamp to look for is the 27½ cents Women of Netherlands and Surinam airmail stamp which was issued in the year 1949. The stamp was issued for the KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) inaugural DC-6 flight from Paramaribo to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The stamp was only valid on mail carried on that particular flight.

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