An electrum Carthaginian’s coin bears Goddesses Tanit and Horse

17 Oct 2020  Sat

The earliest coin of Carthaginian [in modern times Tunisia] was called shekel. These coins were unit of weight. It was used as other units such as grams and troy ounces for trading purpose.

The term ‘shekel’ introduced into the English language via the Hebrew Bible. As per to known evidence, it was the first currency of ancient Tyre, ancient Carthage and ancient Israel under the Maccabees rule.

It might be invented by Anatolian traders who stamped marks to avoid weighing each time. It can be found in the range from 7 grams to 17 grams.

Herewith, the gold coin image depicts goddesses Tanit and horse. The bust of Tanit is facing left on the front side and the horse is facing right. It weighs around 7.5 grams. Tanit goddess was a chief deity of Ancient Carthage from Punic and Phoenician.

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