Gwalior’s copper coin

12 Oct 2020  Mon

The ruling dynasty of Gwalior descended from the Maratha chief Ranoji Sindhias. This state came under British rule in 1803 CE after the defeat of Maratha's in the Third Anglo-Maratha War. In the peace treaty, many of the ‘Jagirs’ of this state went to East India Company. This above-shown copper coin of Gwalior was issued by Madho Roa Scindia in 1944 VS. The obverse of this coin depicts a Sun face with 17 pointed stars within the two floral borders. The reverse side of this coin depicts VS Date, Value, Mint name in Devanagari script in the inner circle, Kings Name in the outer circle within the dotted circle.

The VS dates 1945 and 1944 depicted on the coins are very rare. This coin was sold by Todywalla Auction.

To know more about Gwalior Coinage click here. Image Source: Todywalla Auction

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