The army of Cyrus the Great of Persia takes Babylon

12 Oct 2020  Mon

6th century B.C., when Iran emerged as the stronghold of political and military power, Cyrus the Great was crowned the King of Persians (in 550 BC).

Cyrus the Great was a military genius but was also a great administrator. His concept of religious tolerance and secularism regarding other religion gave a new outlook to the ancient world’s social and political order, which he justified by quoting “Diversity is counsel, unity is the command”.

He also enrooted this idea in the charter, which was issued by him after the fall of Babylon. In this chapter he wrote about, different people from different religions are given freely without any kind of terrorisation and further to protect the religious shrine worshipped by his subjects.

So on 2500th anniversary of the charter of Cyrus India Post issued a commemorative stamp on 12 October 1971. This stamp depicts a winged animal with the face of human which is found in Central Palace at Persepolis and background shows the stairway of the central palace of noble and member council in the discussion.

This charter was also named as the charter of Human rights and Cyrus the Great as a man was called “Father” by his countrymen his idea and thought process was new to the age and so was his definition to justice.

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