‘Freedom from Hunger’ Stamp of Basutoland

12 Oct 2020  Mon

Basutoland remained a British Crown colony from 1884 to 1966. Presently, it comes in Lesotho country. It was brought under the direct authority of Queen Victoria, via the High Commissioner, and run by an Executive Council. It was presided by British Resident Commissioners. It gained its independence from the British on 4th October 1966. Under British rule, it issued a stamp on a theme of ‘Freedom from Hunger’ on 4th June 1963. As this country faced many conflicts, rule and war. The stamp was designed by Michael Gorman and printed by Harrison. It has Multiple St. Edward's Crown and CA as a watermark. The postage stamp features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth with food-grains, fish, hen and cattle. The perforation of the stamp is 14 x 14½. The stamp is designed with the colour combination of white and purple. Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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