Rajendra Chola I Coin Listed For INR 1,70,000

10 Oct 2020  Sat

Chola dynasty was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in world history. The Chola dynasty was the Tamil Dynasty that in the southern part of India until the 13th century. The Chola dynasty; was originated in the rich Kaveri River valley. All the Chola rulers had contributed to the development of the Chola Empire.

The reign of Rajendra Chola I (1014CE-1044CE) had changed the map of India by conquering the land of Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Rajendra Chola I extended the influence of the Chola Empire to the bank of river Ganga in North India across the Indian Ocean to the West and South East Asia.

The coin that weighs around 4.27g was issued by Rajendra Chola I during his reign in the Chola Empire. The obverse and reverse depict Chola's dynastic emblem composed of a tiger, an umbrella, and a pair of fish with proto Nagari legend 'Ganagaikonda Chola' (Conqueror of the Ganga Valley). This is one of the few coins of the Chola where the obverse and the reverse have the same devices and legends.

This coin is listed for INR 1,70,000 in the upcoming auction of Oswal Antiques that will be held in Mumbai on 31st October 2020.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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