Gold Tanka of Madura Sultanate Listed For INR 600000

09 Oct 2020  Fri

This gold mohur was issued by Jalal Al-Din Ahsan Shah of Madura Sultanate. He was the first sultan of Mudara Sultanate. He founded this sultanate in the year 1335 CE when he declares his independence over Delhi Sultanate. He and his descendants ruled Madurai Sultanate until 1378 when the last sultanate of Madurai lost the battle against the forces led by Vijayanagar Empire.

Jalal Al-Din Ahsan Shah issued this gold mohur in the Hijri year 736 from the mint Hadrat Madhura. Jalal Al-Din Ahsan Shah issued coins in gold, silver, copper, and billon coins. The denominations are Pagoda, Paisa, Tanka, and Jital and their different fractions. The weight of this gold tanka is around 11.0g. The obverse side of this coin is inscribed as ‘Afzal al-Yaseen Khalifath Rabb al Alameen Jalal al-Dunya wa al-Din” in circle, Mint and Date in the margin’. The reverse side of this gold mohur is inscribed as ’Abu al-Dhua’afa wa al-Misakeen Ahsan Shah al-Sultan Khulidat Khilafatahu’. This gold mohur is listed for INR 600000 in an upcoming auction of Oswal Antiques that will be held in Mumbai on 31st October 2020.

Image Courtesy: Oswal Antiques

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