Easter Celebration in Barbados

08 Oct 2020  Thu

Easter is an important celebration in Barbados. The majority of the population is Christians. Apart from the religious recognition of the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are also many local traditions such as Kite flying, parades, feasts, etc.

Easter is celebrated as a national holiday where children are busy either in purchasing colourful kites or design their own. The kite is made from sugar cane trash, coconut sticks, glue, nylon etc.

Easter parades were organised to a renewal of spirit by wearing new clothes. During this festival, hot cross buns being sold at the local bakeries.

As per to popular superstition, sea bathing is done on Good Friday as people believe this is a time of death. The bruising of a physic nut tree at noon on Good Friday will result in that tree bleeding in the same manner that Christ did on the cross.

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Image Courtesy: Stampsoftheworld.co.uk

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