Spanish Post Celebrates the Current Decade

08 Oct 2020  Thu

From World Cups to Corona Pandemic, the world has witnessed a great deal of upheaval in the 2010 Decade. Though the world is in the grave situation, Spanish Post commemorates three impactful events that occurred in the 2010s with a souvenir sheet.

In 2016 Spain’s Correos introduced a stamp series called “Generations” to honour recent milestones, starting with the 1950s. The latest issue in that series commemorates events of the years 2010-19 as selected by stamp collectors and others. That souvenir sheet of three stamps was issued 21st Sept.

The rectangular 0.75 Euros stamp commemorates Felipe VI becoming king of Spain on June 19, 2014, after the abdication of his father, Juan Carlos I. The round 1.55 Euros stamp in the centre of the sheet celebrates Spain’s soccer team winning the 2010 World Cup. The long 1.45 Euros stamp on the right side of the sheet remembers April 15, 2019, fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

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