Copper Unit of Vidisha

06 Oct 2020  Tue

Vidisha was well known as Besnagar in ancient times and formerly it is well known as Bhelsa. Today this place is situated in the Indian States of Madhya Pradesh near the state capital Bhopal. Bhilsa was ruled by later Gupta king Devagupta and Rashtrakuta King III. Bhilsa was also known as Besnagar during Medieval India.

In the ancient period, during the reign of Bindusara the second Mauryan Emperor, his son Ashoka was the governor of this region. Later, Emperor Ashoka also married to Buddhist Empress Vidisha Devi, the daughter of a merchant of Vidisha. The reference of Vidisha can also be formed in Ramayana, it was stated that Shatrughna’s son Shatrughati was placed in charge of Vidisha.

This copper unit which weighs around 1.21 g was issued from Vidisha. The obverse of this coin has the image of ‘Wheel’, and the reverse of the coin is inscribed with Brahmi legend ‘Vedis’. The Brahmi legend on the coin is not seen properly.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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