King Boris III of Bulgaria accedes to the throne.

03 Oct 2020  Sat

Boris III was the Tsar of the Kingdom of Bulgaria from 1918 until his death. During the last five years of his reign headed a thinly veiled royal dictatorship.

The son of Ferdinand I of Bulgaria and Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Parma, Boris, despite his Roman Catholic parentage, was brought up in the Orthodox faith for political and dynastic reasons. He assumed the throne upon the abdication of his father in the wake of Bulgaria's defeat in World War I on October 3, 1918.

He participated in the Balkan War with the Seventh Rila Division. In 1915 he attended the Military Academy in Sofia. During the First World War, as a commanding officer at the Staff of the Existing Army, he executed orders of the Supreme Command of a military and political nature.

Tsar Boris III achieves an internal political calm, which creates conditions for economic stability and strengthening the international authority of Bulgaria. Depicted here is 100 Leva coin which depicts Boris’ portrait on its obverse face.

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