Fish Loving Nation: Bangladesh

30 Sep 2020  Wed

Fish in Bangladesh plays an important role in dietary patterns, livelihoods and culture. Fish is most commonly consumed in Bangladesh. It earned the name ‘Machh-e Bhat-e Bangali’ which means, ‘Bengali by fish and rice’.

It has thousands of rivers and ponds and they are fish-loving people.

Fish of Bangladesh:

Hilsa, Tenualoa Ilisha: It is the national fish of the country where it contributes 13% of the country's total fish production. They are caught both from natural resources and by farming in self-made ponds.

Tengra, Mystus: It is a species of catfish of the family Bagridae. It grows to a length of 40 cm.

Punti, Puntius Chola: It is a tropical freshwater and brackish fish belonging to the Puntius genus in the family Cyprinidae. It is a plentiful shoaling fish.

Khalisa, Colisa fasciata: It a small carnivorous fish, feeding on mosquito larvae, can be recommended for the stocking tanks and ponds as an antimalarial measure.

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