Copper Karshapana of Sunga Dynasty

29 Sep 2020  Tue

The Sunga Dynasty was the ancient Indian dynasty from Magadha that controlled the part of Central and Indian subcontinent from 185 BC to 75 BC. This dynasty was established by Pushyamitra Sunga, after the fall of the Mauryan Empire. After the death of Emperor Ashoka during the rule of the Mauryan Emperor Brihadratha Maurya, Pushyamitra Sunga serve the Mauryan army as Commander-in-Chief. He assassinated king Brihadratha Maurya sat on the throne of the Mauryan Empire; and founded the Sunga dynasty in the year 185 BCE. Pushyamitra Sunga ruled this empire for almost 36 years, later he was succeeded by his son Agnimitra.

The center of the Sunga Dynasty was Magadha and its territories extended to the Malwa in Central India. The Sunga dynasty had controlled the areas of Central and Ancient Indian Subcontinent. The capital of this dynasty was at Pataliputra (present-day Patna).

This copper coin was issued during the Sunga dynasty period. The obverse of this coin depicts the image of ‘Elephant to left, a flag in front and a swastika and taurine symbol above’. The reverse side of this coin depicts ‘Tree in railing, three-arched hill, and hollow cross symbol’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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