Enhance Your Collection!

26 Sep 2020  Sat

Coin lovers find immense pleasure in collecting different coins from all over the world. The desire of understanding various culture and history through coins can be well understood only by passionate numismatist.

For such collectors, we have introduced a complete package where a hobby can be enlarged with the knowledge. This coin card does not contain only genuine coin but also has historical information about the Republic of Portugal.

The information also talks about the engraved inscription and the objects which are imprinted on it. The packaging is sturdy and easy to handle it. The given coin’s denomination is 6 Escudos. It is the combination of copper-nickel and weighs 14 grams. Do not hesitate to add one more coin to your valuable collection. 6 Escudos is One click away

Disclaimer: We are glad to be at your service. We would like to share that all the needful precautions and sanitization are taking care from our ends. We appreciate your patience and trust!


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