Ecuador’s National Flag Day

26 Sep 2020  Sat

People of Ecuador honour their national flag and annually observe National Flag Day on September 26. Celebration of National Flag Day in Ecuador is connected with the adoption of the flag back in 1860.

Previously territory of Ecuador had been conquered by Spain and its administration lasted till 1809 when the first calls to independence were made. The rebels raised a plain red flag, but in 1820 a blue and white bicolour with five horizontal stripes and three stars were adopted. This first national flag was changed in 1822, making it white and its first-quarter blue with a centred white star. Then it was changed by a tricolour (yellow, blue and red) and again by a bicolour (white and blue).

The last reinstatement of the flag of Ecuador was made on September 26, 1860. The design of the flag was finalized in 1990, adding a coat of arms. Nowadays September 26 is a national flag day in Ecuador. The colours of the national flag of Ecuador have their own meaning. Yellow stands for corps and fertile soil, blue is for oceans and clear skies and red means bloodshed by heroes, who died protecting their country.

In the year 1938, Ecuador issued a set of seven stamps to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the US constitution. The stamps were issued with the denominations ranging from 2 Ecuadorian centavos to 2 Ecuadorian sucres and depict "Liberty" carrying the flag of Ecuador.

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