Uniface 10 rupee banknote of British India

24 Sep 2020  Thu

Ten rupee uniface note issued by Government of India illustrated date 18th June 1980. This rare note belongs to British India. The obverse of this note depicts legend ‘Government Of India' in the centre with Serial numbers in all four corners. The date is seen below the language panel on both sides and promissory text below it. The denomination panel is seen on both side and 'Rupees/10' in the top corners of the denomination panel.’ For The/Government Of India' in a panel on the lower left with the signature on its right; Red underprint - Irregular ovals under the upper serial numbers and a large 'Ten' in middle. 'Ten' across the 'E' underprint in the central denomination panel with the circle of Issue above the serial numbers denoted by letters. The language panel consists of eight languages, i.e. Urdu, Kaithi, Bangla, Burmese, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Gujarati. The watermark depicts wavy lines within a wavy rectangular panel with'10' in centre and GOVERNMENT OF INDIA below it. Vertical RUPEES inverted on either side. Plate number in an alphabet in lower left and Week and year of manufacture in four digits on the lower right 10 replaces INDIA in the centre. Image Courtesy: Mintage World

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