Pathare Prabhu Sari

24 Sep 2020  Thu

The immigrants from Patan, Gujarat and Rajasthan were Pathare Prabhu. They are among the first inhabitant of Mumbai since the 13th century. Their dressing was inspired by the English fashion trends of their time. The Pathatre Prabhu women fashioned their blouses with English puffed sleeves and wore then under their Kasbis- a nine-yard sari of satin with the fascinating pure border of gold and silver. It is considered to be an innovative way to sustain their old tradition with new trends. It is so popular that even today this trend flows with its twist. It phenomenal balances between old and new. In 2019, India Post issued a beautiful stamp illustrated the beautiful none yard sari with puffed blouse. The stamp is the part of the series myriad saris on a stamp. To know more about stamp Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

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