Gold Dinar of King Aduman

17 Sep 2020  Thu

This gold dinar of the Alchon Huns in Gandhara was put on auction by the Classical Numismatic Galley its estimated price was from INR 2, 00,000 to 2, 50,000.

This coin was issued in the region of King Aduman, it weights around 6.83g. The obverse of this coin depicts the portrait of King wearing a crescent moon-rosette crown after Kushano-kidraite model, sacrificing at an altar with trident depicted on the left and Hunnic Tamgha to the right near the feet. An inscription is also depicted in the Bactrian script, it reads ‘Adomano, King of the East. The reverse of this coin is plain.

King Aduman and Mehama was their only Alchon king to issued dinar with reduced gold content based on the Kidarit model. Aduman coins are only known from Gandhara.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic galley

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