Traditional Woman of Bahrain

08 Sep 2020  Tue

The stamp feature a lady is planting. A plant is shown with a smiling flower. A woman is wearing the traditional attire of Bahrain. The traditional woman’s attire is called jellabiya which is a long and loose dress. Bahraini women cover their heads with muhajiba.

In comparison with other Arab countries, Bahrain’s women enjoy more liberty and are more socially active. One-quarter of women’s population is engaged in employment apart from household work. Bahraini Women's Day is celebrated on 1st December of every year. They have equal rights of voting.

Women usually get involved in their husband’s profession. For example, Women married to fishermen assist their husbands in their trade as fish cleaners and fish vendors and the same with other professions. In recent times, women are seen taking jobs of high government rank, ministers, ambassadors, etc.

Bahrain also was the first Gulf country to have social organizations for women which established in 1965. Royal University was the first private women’s international university of Bahrain established in 2005.

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