Lighthouse Ultraviolet Table Lamp

05 Sep 2020  Sat

One can shop online unique items that one would rarely find elsewhere. For example, accessories like Lighthouse Zoom Microscope with LED, LED Pocket Magnifier 6 in 1, Portable UV hand lamp etc are every collector’s dream to own. If you are someone who never likes compromising on quality, then this is where your search ends. From Lighthouse Plastic Pockets to Mint sheet album and more, the list is complete. Expert collectors always recommend to opt for the best when it comes to stamp collecting supplies. If you want to keep your unique collection of coins, notes or stamps in their best condition, then you pay attention to the kind of accessories you invest in.

Lighthouse Ultraviolet Table Lamp from Lighthouse or Leuchtturm is for examining stamps, banknotes and credit cards. It got a wide spectrum of long-wave UV rays. It has double insulation. The 4-watt tube and L-92 ultraviolet lamp determine fluorescence. It is available in black colour.

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