End of the Western Roman Empire

04 Sep 2020  Fri

The day of 4th September 476 AD marks the End of the Western Roman Empire when the last Western Roman Emperor, Romulus Augustulus, abdicates the crown in favor of the barbarian king Odoacer.

When Romulus Augustulus came to power as the Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, it was but a fraction of what it had once been. The empire in the East essentially treated its Western realm as a client state. Rome itself had been sacked by barbarians twice in the fifth century.

Odoacer was a Germanic mercenary soldier for the Roman army, who when refused estates that he demanded, marched into Italy with an enormous garrison of soldiers. The previous Emperor and father of Romulus fled and was later captured and executed. Romulus, who was only 16, was forced to abdicate on September 4, 476, and Odoacer became King of Italy.

The above coin is one of the last coins issued by the emperor Romulus Augustus. This gold Tremissis depicts draped and cuirassed right-facing bust of the emperor wearing a pearl diadem on the obverse. The reverse, whereas depicts Cross within wreath. COMOB below!

Image Courtesy: numisbids.com

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