National Language Day in Moldova

31 Aug 2020  Mon

National Language Day is one of the most important public holidays in the Republic of Moldova. It is celebrated on August 31. The Moldovan name of the holiday is Limba noastra, which means “Our Language”. It is also the name of the country's national anthem.

The date of August 31 was chosen to commemorate the mass demonstration in the city of Chi?in?u, which occurred in August 1989. The Popular Front of Moldova pressured the government of the Moldavian SSR to adopt a language law.

On August 31, the Supreme Soviet of the Moldavian SSR designated the Moldovan language as the state language and reintroduced the Latin script. The new language law also acknowledged the identity between the Moldovan language and the Romanian language. In the year 1999, Moldova post issued a 25 Moldovan ban stamp to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Restore Latin Graphic

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