Covid-19 Uruguay Commemorative Stamp

28 Aug 2020  Fri

The World is on the threshold of a measure hazard. After two major wars and the ongoing ecological crisis, it is now standing amidst a battlefield. The enemy, this time, is not an atom bomb but is more micro. The infectious agents or viruses! Countries like Iran, Vietnam, and China have issued commemorative stamps in order to create awareness among people and to express gratitude towards the emergency services for their help. Joining the squad is Uruguay. The 25-peso stamp issued on May 13 by Uruguay commemorates the national plan to fight the coronavirus. The stamp’s design even includes the phone number of the coronavirus information service. Also pictured are a line of symbolic people wearing masks, the coat of arms of the president of Uruguay, and a representation of COVID-19. Inscribed across the bottom is "#NosCuidamos EntreTodos" which translates to "We take care of each other." Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

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