Independence Day in Moldova

27 Aug 2020  Thu

On 27th August 1991, Moldova declared itself an independent state. The day laid the foundation for the establishment of Independence Day in the Republic of Moldova.

The Principality of Moldova was established in 1359, but after World War I the Moldavian Democratic Republic within a federal Russian state was proclaimed. And in 1924 the Moldavian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was formed. The first democratic elections for the local parliament were held in Moldova in February and March 1990. In June 1990 the Parliament adopted the Declaration of Sovereignty. Moldova gained independence only on August 2, 1991, after the failure of the coup in Moscow.

The Leu is the currency of Moldova. Between 1918 and 1940 and again between 1941 and 1944, when Moldova was part of Romania, the Romanian leu was used. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the creation of the independent republic of Moldova, the Moldovan leu was established on 29 November 1993.

The above banknote is among the first series of Moldovan Banknote that was issued in the year 1994. This 10 lei banknote depicts The Prince of Moldavia Stephen III or Stephen Musat III on the obverse and Hirjauca Monastery on the reverse.

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