The Day of Russian Cinema

27 Aug 2020  Thu

On the 27th August of every year, Russia celebrates a noteworthy event, the Day of Russian Cinema to pay homage to the cinematographic art. On the 27th August 1919, almost one hundred years ago, The Council of People’s of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic issued a decree on the nationalization of cinema and cinematographic activities through a free expropriation. From this day forward, all the photographic and cinematographic trades and industries were run by the National Education Committee, headed by the Bolshevik Anatoly Lunacharsky. Russian people celebrate the Day of Russian Cinema, which from that time until the collapse of the USSR was called “the Day of Soviet Cinema”. The Day of Russian Cinema usually consists of showings of national “eternal hits” the greatest cinematographic hits of the Soviet times, together with younger directors’ new movies. In the year 1950, USSR issued a 25 Russian kopek stamp commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Soviet cinema. The stamp depicts movie broadcasting in a theater with a vintage film player, the operator, and the viewers. The stamp bears Joseph Stalin's quote: "Cinema is the greatest tool of mass agitation" in the top left corner. Visit philamart to view and purchase variety of stamps from all over the world.

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