Francesco Foscari- the Doge of Venice

26 Aug 2020  Wed

A doge (duke in English) is the highest official of the Republic of Venice and a symbol of the sovereignty of the Venetian state.

Foscari was born on 19 June 1373 and became the 65th duke of Venice in the year 1423. Belonging to a prominent Venetian family, Foscari headed the Council of Forty (1401) and the Council of Ten (1405–13). Francesco Foscari led the city in a long and ruinous series of wars against Milan. However, he was accused of the murder of the Venetian admiral Piero Loredan which forced Foscari’s resignation on the formal demand of the Council of Ten.

The above coin is the Gold Ducat issued between 1423 and 1457. The obverse of the coin depicts St. Mark standing right, presenting banner to kneeling Doge. The legend reads S M VENETI on the left and FRAC FOSCARI on the right. The reverse depicts Christ standing facing, raising hand in benediction and holding Gospels, surrounded by elliptical halo containing nine stars. The legend reads SIT T XPE DAT Q (cross-hatch)'TV REGIS ISTE DVCAT.

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