Stamp of Bhopal Princely State

25 Aug 2020  Tue

This stamp was issued by the regional postal service of Bhopal during the British Raj in 1937.

Bhopal State issued stamp after 1908, it was the reign of King George V. They printed this simple stamp design which was not so attractive. Hence in 1935 the state changed the whole printing process and issued something that would be more attractive for the collectors today.

These triangular stamps had an overprint of service on them. It also had a number of errors which were common among this issue. This series of the triangular stamp was never used officially without the overprint. Few theories came forward for this overprint; one was that the British government took the charge on this postal service of the state.

These stamps were reissued in 1939 in green color, this issue came again in 1941 when their postage quantity was reduced.

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