Gold Mohur of Madras Presidency

12 Aug 2020  Wed

Madras Presidency, also known as Presidency of Fort St. George or Madras Province it was an administrative subdivision of British India. During the British rule, it comprises most of the part of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh along with the few districts and taluks of Karnataka, Kerala, and Orissa.

The East India Company purchases a company name Madraspatanam in the year 1639 CE. Later, it established an agency of Fort St George, a precursor of Madras Presidency, although there had been Company factories at Machilipatnam and Armagon since the very early 1600s. The agency was upgraded to a Presidency in 1652 before once more reverting to its previous status in 1655. In 1785, under the provisions of Pitt's India Act, Madras became one of three provinces established by the East India Company.

This gold mohur weighs around 11.65g issued from Madras Presidency.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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