William IV

08 Aug 2020  Sat

William IV was King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, he sat on the throne of the British Empire on 26th June 1830 and ruled it until his death in 1837. William IV was the third son of Geroge III and Queen Charlotte. He succeeded his elder brother George IV and became the last king and penultimate monarch of Britain's House of Hanover.

William IV sat on the throne of the British Empire at the age of 13. After sitting on the royal seat of the British Government, he fought American Revolution; and while serving in the West Indies, he also tried to maintain a close friendship with the future naval hero Horatio (afterward Viscount) Nelson.

This gold mohur was issued by William IV in the year 1835 from the mint Calcutta. The obverse of this coin illustrates the portrait of King William IV facing right. Legend ‘William IIII, King’ and date is inscribed around the bust within the toothed rim. The reverse of this coin depicts a lion facing left with a palm tree behind it. The denomination is inscribed in Roman and Persian script in exergue within the toothed rim.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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