Copper Paisa of Princely State Dhar

07 Aug 2020  Fri

Dhar was a Princely State during the British rule in India. It is located in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh state in India. Dhar began as one of the states during Maratha's dominance in India about 1730.

Princely State Dhar was founded by Udaji Rao Puar in the year 1729 CE. Udai Rao Puar was a distinguished Maratha general who received a territory as a grant from Maratha. During the Pindhari raids, the state's territory was whittled away. Later, on 10th January 1819, it was restored when a Subsidiary alliance was signed with the British East India Company and it became a major Princely State and it enjoyed indirect rule under British protectorate. The ruling family of Dhar claims to be a common descent with those of Dewas Senior and Dewas Junior, from the ancient Parmar (or Puar) dynasty.

This copper paisa was issued from Princely State Dhar by the king Anand Rao. It was issued in the name of Mughal Emperor Shah Alma II. The weight of this coin is around 13.9g and it was minted in Piran Dhar. The obverse of this coin is inscribed with the name and title of Mughal Emperor Shah Alma II with a Long Sword. The reverse of this coin is inscribed with the mint name.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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