A souvenir of Cover miniature sheet

01 Aug 2020  Sat

The main spotlight of the Parag world exhibition was the real Bombay cover. They were also distributing a fantastic souvenir of this said cover. This souvenir was issued by the Czech Post; this sheet illustrated the design and motif of the stamp and the historical map.

This exuberant masterpiece of philatelic wonder was created by the graphic designer Kamil Knotek. This sheet gave a unique chance to collect the replica of the most famous stamp which is one of the most expensive philatelic products in the world.

This cover is famous due to the two rare 1-penny stamps and its unique wide margin. The sender of this mail was unknown till 1976. This stamp was sent from Port Louis to Bombay on 4th January 1850.

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Image Courtesy: praga2018.cz

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