Qutb Al-Din Mubarak Shah Gold Tanka

29 Jul 2020  Wed

Qutb Al-Din Mubarak Shah was the third ruler of the Khilji Dynasty. The full name of Qutb Al-Din Mubarak Shah was Qutb al-Din Mubarak Shah khilji.

He ruled this dynasty from 1316 CE until 1320 CE. He ruled this dynasty for almost four years; and during these four years of reign, he issued varieties of coins in the different denominations in square and round shape. During the early phase of this reign, he issued coins in round shape, and during the later phase of his reign he issued coins in square shape.

This gold square tanka issued by him was minted in Hadrat Dar-Al-Khilafat during the Hijri year 719. The obverse of this coin is inscribed as ‘Al-Imam Al Azam Khalifa Rabb Al Alamin Qutb Al Duniya Wa Al-Din Abul Muzaffar Mubarakshah’. The reverse of these coins is inscribed as ‘Al-Sultan Ibn Al Sultan Al Wathiq Billa Amir Al Momenin within the square; mint name and date are written in the margin.

Image Courtesy: Classical Numismatic Gallery

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