Polish Zloty of November Uprising

23 Jul 2020  Thu

The Polish Zloty was introduced in the independent Krakow city in 1835. It was further subdivided into 30 groszy. The coins were minted in the Imperial Mint in Vienna.

Herewith coin was introduced in the Congress Kingdom of Poland by the revolutionary government in 1831. The obverse of the coin features the crowned coat of arms of the Free City of Krakow where the city gates were wide open, topped with three towers and featuring the Polish White Eagle in the center of the gate with the name of the city-state in Polish placed above the coat of arms in a semi-circle: ‘WOLNE MIASTO KRAKOW’.

The reverse of the coin features an oak wreath surrounding the denomination and the year (1835).

The Congress of Vienna granted the right to introduce its currency but they chose to enter the monetary union with the Kingdom of Poland.

After November Uprising, the zloty was introduced by the revolutionary government in the Kingdom of Poland was in circulation in the Free City.

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