Revolution Day in Egypt

23 Jul 2020  Thu

Revolution Day is the biggest secular public holiday in Egypt. It is celebrated on July 23. Revolution Day marks the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 which lead to the overthrow King Farouk and the establishment of the Republic of Egypt.

The Egyptian Revolution of 1952 was carried out by the Free Officers Movement, groups of nationalist military officers led by Gamal Abdel Nasser and Muhammad Naguib. Originally they planned to overthrow the king in early August but had to strike earlier in fear of being arrested.

On July 23, 1952, the Free Officers forced Farouk to abdicate and go to exile. His infant son ascended the throne as Fuad II, but the country was in fact ruled by the Free Officers. Less than a year later, Egypt was declared a republic.

The above stamp is 100 Egyptian millime stamp issued in the year 1965. The stamp depicts a portrait of Gamal Nasser along with many coat of arms of the country.

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