Two Anna coin depicts Bull

21 Jul 2020  Tue

Symbol of India’s hard-work and strength, the powerful bull was featured on two Anna coin after freedom. A bull –the indigenous domestic animal vital for agriculture was honoured first time on this coin.

As India took its final step towards freedom, its economic backbone became agriculture. Bull became the essential symbol that represented India’s decision to become an agrarian economy. In 1950, there was a dire need to initiate a together respect towards Indian culture and value system, so different series of the indigenous symbols were used. This two Anna coin belongs to such a series.

The obverse of this square copper-nickel coin depicted a strong humped bull. The reverse side features the ‘Lion Capital’ of Emperor Asoka. The 1950 coin series is not just a coin but a symbol that gave a message about the end of slavery that lasted 200 years. It gave Indians a sense of belonging, a sense of security that India is governed and protected by Indians.

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