Minsk Victory Square on Belarus Banknote

22 Jun 2020  Mon

A little to the right of the centre of this 500 Belarusian banknote, on the background of guilloche elements, is an image of Victory Square, in the city of Minsk. Located in the centre of the City of Minsk Victory Square, is the key landmark of Minsk which gives a testimony of the people who lost their lives serving the nation in the Great Patriotic War.

The monument was built in 1954 in honour of the soldiers of the Soviet Army and partisans of Belarus. A 3-meter replica of the Order of Victory crowns a granite column of 38 metres erected in the centre of the square. The four facets of the pedestal hold bronze relief thematic images: "May 9, 1945", "Soviet Army during the Great Patriotic War", "Belarusian Partisans", "Honour to Heroes who gave their lives for liberation".

The four bronze wreaths around the obelisk signify the four Fronts. The soldiers of these fronts gave their lives fighting to liberate Belarus from German Fascist invaders with buildings around the Victory Square. The red letters on the buildings read "Heroic deed of the people is immortal".

The banknote was issued in the remembrance of the war. The banknote depicts Victory Square in the centre with an obelisk in the foreground and one of the semicircular houses which display the slogan "EXPLOIT OF PEOPLE”.

Image Courtesy: notescollector.eu

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