How Cyclone 'Nisarga' was Named

03 Jun 2020  Wed

A week after the ambush on the Eastern Coast, the west is bracing to face another Cyclone. 'Nisarga', which has finally hit the Western Coast of India! Here’s the story of how the cyclone was named.

The naming of cyclones in the Indian Ocean began in 2000 and formula was agreed in 2004 Tropical cyclones are named to help the scientific community and disaster managers to identify cyclones, create awareness and effectively disseminate warnings to wider audiences.

According to the IMD, the names should be gender, politics, religion, and culture neutral and not hurt sentiments, not be offensive, be short, easy to pronounce. As suggested by the 13 countries, IMD released a list of cyclone names in April 2020. The names like Arnab, Nisarga, Aag, Vyom, Azar, Prabhanjan, Tej, Gati, Lulu among 160 other names were listed.

'Nisarga', which is currently brewing in the Arabian Sea, means nature and was termed by India's neighboring country -- Bangladesh. The name was accorded in a list formulated by a group of countries.

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