Cavallo of Ferdinand I of Naples

02 Jun 2020  Tue

Ferdinand I of Naples also known as Ferrante of Naples, was King of Naples from 27 June 1458 to 25 January 1494, succeeding Alfonso I and preceding Alfonso II.

Don Ferrante was born on 2nd June 1423, in Spain, the illegitimate son of Alfonso V of Aragon. At the age of 35, in 1458, he inherited the kingdom of Naples from his father. At that time, it had the most powerful navy in the western part of the Mediterranean. During his reign, the kingdom was under steady attack not only from external powers such as the Turks, the French, the Republic of Venice, and the Papacy but also by the local barons.

Ferdinand was gifted with great courage and real political ability, but his method of government was vicious and disastrous. His financial administration was based on oppressive and dishonest monopolies. The Cavallo was a copper coin of southern Italy in the Renaissance. It was minted for the first time by King Ferdinand I of Naples in 1472. It gained its name from the figure of a horse on the reverse.

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