Gold Half Mohur of Princely State Jodhpur

30 May 2019  Thu

Jodhpur was a Princely State during the British rule in India. During that time it was the largest Princely State in Rajputana Agency and second-largest city in the Indian state Rajasthan. Historically, this princely state has been the capital of the kingdom of Marwar; today Marwar is a part of Rajasthan. The Maharajadhiraja (Great King of Kings) of Jodhpur, belonging to the Rathor Rajputs, who claimed their extremely ancient ancestry from Lord Ram, King of Ayodhya.

This gold half mohur was issued by king Sardar Singh in the name of Queen Victoria during this reign in Princely State Jodhpur. The obverse of this coin depicts the legend ‘Ba-Zaman-I-Mubarak Edward Haftam Emperor Inglistan-O-Hindustan in Persian legend, Jhar’ with Devanagari letter ‘Sa’. The reverse of this coin legend ‘Shri Mataji in Devanagari, Sardar Singh and Numeral 22 in Persian legend, Sword and Mint name’.

Image Courtesy: Todywalla Auction

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