John the Fearless

28 May 2020  Thu

John the Fearless (French Jean Sans Peur), second duke of Burgundy of the Valois line played a major role in French affairs in the early 15th century. John the Fearless spent most of his time and his considerable political and military energies in France, Paris being his normal place of residence and seat of government.

Before his accession to the Duchy of Burgundy, John was one of the principal leaders of the French forces sent to aid King Sigismund of Hungary in his war against Sultan Bayezid I. John fought in the Battle of Nicopolis of 25 September 1396 with such enthusiasm and bravery that he was given the cognomen Fearless (Sans-Peur).

The coin shown above is a 2½ silver Groot issued in the year 1409. The coin, on the obverse, depicts across with fleur-de-liss and rampant lions at corners inside chain dotted circle legend reads MONETA nOVA COmITIS FLANDRE (translated: New coin of county Flandres).

The reverse, on the other hand, depicts the coat of arms of the Duchy with the legend IOhS DVX BVRG ? COmES FLANDRE (transliterated: Iohannvs Dux Bourgondiae et Comes Flandriae, translated: John duke of Burgundy et Count of Flandres)

Image Courtesy: colnect

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