Korea’s 1948 President Rhee stamp

27 May 2020  Wed

Because of the long and strong military alliance between South Korea and the United States Armed Forces members who have served there, Korean stamps are quite popular with many American collectors. The market for classic post-World War II stamps is strong for stamps in unused hinged condition and mint never-hinged condition, especially in blocks of four.

On Aug. 5, 1948, Korea issued a 5-won President Syngman Rhee stamp (Scott 90) to commemorate his inauguration as South Korea’s first president. The stamp depicts the facing portrait of the President wearing traditional Korean attire, along with the name of the country at the top and the denomination at the bottom.

The stamp is designed with blue lines on a white background. The stamp is worth 300 USD in unused hinged condition and USD350 to USD400 price range for the mint never hinged condition.

Image Courtesy: linns.com

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