Japanese Note Printed in America

27 May 2020  Wed

In December 1872, Japan adopted the National Bank Decree in an effort to modernize banking throughout the country. The basis of this initiative was fundamentally modeled on America’s national banking system.

The first series from 1873 is considered the favorite and most sought after Japanese banknotes by collectors due to their exceptionally detailed vignettes, which feature a variety of historical and mythological figures and scenes. These sensationally designed notes were engraved and printed by the Continental Banknote Company in New York and produced in five denominations.

Shown above is the lowest denomination of this set – the 1 yen banknote. This beauty exhibits an ancient warship and the mythical warrior Kamitsukeno no Taji on the face, while the back displays a large vignette depicting the unsuccessful 13th-century Mongol invasions of Japan that were undertaken by Kublai Khan to conquer the Japanese archipelago.

Image Courtesy: Colnect

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