Silver Akce of Bayezid II the Just

26 May 2020  Tue

Bayezid II was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire reigning from 1481 to 1512. During the reign, he consolidated the Ottoman Empire and let down a Safavid rebellion soon before abdicating his throne to his son, Selim I. He expanded Ottoman rule into Herzegovina and the lower Danube and Dniester River regions.

Bayezid was born on 3rd December 1447 to Mehmed Ii and Gulbahar Hatun. He ascended the Ottoman throne in 1481. Bayezid II was a patron of western and eastern cultures. Unlike many other Sultans, he worked hard to ensure a smooth running of domestic politics. Among his own people, Bayezid was known as "Bayezid the Just" and praised as a ruler.

< The above shown silver Akce was issued under his reign from Edrine mint (In Turkey). The obverse of a coin depicts the legend ‘Sultan Bayezid Ibn Han Muhammad’. On the other hand, the reverse of a coin engraved ‘Az Nasrah Zarb Edrin’.

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