20000 Rupiah Banknote of Indonesia of 2018

07 May 2020  Thu

The first paper money (banknotes) used in the Indonesian archipelago was that of the United East Indies Company, credit letters of the rijksdaalder dating between 1783 and 1811.

The first truly Indonesian rupiah notes, however, were issued in 1946, during the war of independence with the Dutch, following the unilateral declaration of independence by the Indonesians at the end of World War Two on 17 August 1945. This money is known as 'Oeang Republik Indonesia'.

The 20,000 Rupiah note was issued in the year 2018 and depicts Dr. Gerungan Saul Samuel Jacob "Sam" Ratulangi on the obverse. He was a Minahasan teacher, journalist, politician, and national hero from North Sulawesi, Indonesia. He was part of the committee that ratified the Constitution of Indonesia and served as the first Governor of Sulawesi. Top right is the National emblem of Indonesia. Right, in the center - there is a view of Indonesia from space. Denominations in numerals are in the top left and lower right corners.

The Reverse depicts the Gong dance in the foreground. Gong dance or can be called also Kancet Ledo dance is one of the East Kalimantan Dayak dances, precisely from the Dayak Kenyah tribe. This dance is danced by a girl with a gong used as a musical accompaniment. On background are Derawan islands and green sea turtle bissa. On top and at the bottom are orchids, still unknown by me. Denominations in numerals are in the lower left and top right corners and in the lower left corner in words.

Image Courtesy: notescollector.eu

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